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Astro*Carto*Graphy Map
Jim Lewis Original Astrocartography Map

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Astrocartography Info

By the early 1970's, Jim Lewis had won world-wide fame for his astrology mapping techniques.  By now, there are many versions of Jim's original Astro*Carto*Graphy maps available.  For legal reasons, some suppliers call their maps by other names than the trademarked A*C*G.  They offer many options, features and text-interpretations--improvements far beyond what Jim's original maps provide.  

Jim's name has stuck, however.  The entire field of astrology mapping is now called "astrocartography," and includes locational astrology, A*C*G maps, geomancy, fung shui, and Astro*Cyclo*Graphy maps.  A recent search of the Internet turned up 5,000+ astrocartography related websites.  Jim started a revolution to be sure.

What is an Astrocartography Map...

An Astrocartography map shows lines of "potential cosmic energy" on a worldwide map.  The lines show where the Sun, Moon and planets are conjunct the cusps (beginning) of your four angular houses in your relocated natal charts (RNC).  These four cusps are also called your Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven (MC) and IC.  Being on a line will give you to the concentrated "energies" of the one planet (or two) involved. 

FREE Astrocartography Maps

Several websites offer free generic maps instantly available online.  These maps show your astrocartography lines on a large global scale.  More detailed maps must be purchased. 

Online Maps:

StarWise Astrology Services maps

Zodiacal Astrological Chart Service


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Economic crisis escalates from 2010 on
 How Astrocartography can help YOU

Local Space Map
Synastry - A Local Space Astrocartography Map Technique

3-D AstroMap
3D Astrocartography Map - No Yet Invented
(Not yet invented)

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